Our Passive Income Replacement System - PIRS™ - focuses on 6 major areas, with answers to key questions, giving you FUTURE POWER:

  1. “Your Wealth By Design” Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) – what is your current financial position and where would you like to be and by when?
  2. “Your Wealth By Design”  Business Needs Analysis (BNA) – which of the 6 stages of business growth are you: invisible, emergence, chaos, normal, abundance or power?  How do you move to the next level of growth?  
  3. Protection Management – what if you should encounter a delay or detour on the way to your desired destination?  What can you do today to ensure the protection of what you value most? 
  4. Debt Management – what is your strategy to eliminate bad debt and use good debt to reduce taxes and increase wealth? 
  5. Savings Management – what are your short term (1-3 years), mid term (4-9 years) and long term goals?  What are your plans to get there?
  6. Estate Planning – do you have a plan to fund your child’s education tax free, utilize over $750,000 is tax free capital gains, pay no probate fees upon death and much more? 

You need a Wealth Strategist on your side


One of my mentors, Tony Jeary, says:

CLARITY is understanding your vision. Knowing exactly what you want, how to pull from and bring it to life. 

FOCUS is concentrating on what really matters and filtering out what doesn’t matter.

EXECUTION is getting the accelerated results you want with powerful accountability. 

Using PIRS, this is exactly what we do at Wealth Directions, “your direction to wealth” planning and management all in one place.  

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