Tax Savings for Religious Workers

  1. Are you a Minister of Religion, Ministry Worker, or Lay Minister?
  2. Did you answer yes to most or all of the questions below
  3. Contact us today and find out how you could save up to $5,000 per year in taxes


  1. Did you serve or do you intend to serve as a member of clergy or regular minister (including lay ministers) of church or denomination during 3 tax years?

  2. Are you currently or will you be in charge of or ministering to a diocese, parish or congregation, as a clergy, ministry worker or a lay minister?

  3. Are you currently paid less than $10,000 per year in salary from the church or denomination you now serve or intend to serve?

  4. Are you currently employed in a non-clergical position (that means you are employed outside of the church) and paying income tax in excess of $4,000 per year or earning over $35,000 per year gross?

  5. Does the fair market value of the rent and utilities of your home exceed $10,000 per year?

  6. If you are currently married, does your church or denomination recognize your spouse as a co-minister with you?

  7. Do you believe you will continue to serve as a bi-vocational (working both as a minister and in another paid position) clergy or minister for 7 years or more?

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