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Welcome! My name is Garfield Fray and I am the founder and Chief Wealth Strategist of Wealth Directions Financial Group (WDFG) or Wealth Directions.

I am an experienced and highly trained Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) or equivalent in three countries including Canada.  I also possess a combination of specialized training, certifications, and experience in the following areas:

  • Accident & Sickness Insurance
  • Life & Disability Insurance
  • Mortgages
  • Nuero Linguistic Programming
  • Public Accountant Accounting (auditing)
  • Real estate investing
  • Sales & Leadership

Now I want you to think of me as your financial friend. I am interested in hearing about your biggest financial fears and helping you deal with those deep dark money secrets that keep you up at night, worrying about your business, personal life or future. Through my individual and group services, I enable my clients to achieve financial freedom and build their personal wealth so they can make decisions that lead to more fulfilling lives.

I have served the needs of senior management in many large companies, both as an external and internal auditor. For many years, I was that person who would go out to your business and make sure that your books were in order, do your tax returns as well as make recommendations for key system changes. As an internal auditor it was my job to find or create operational efficiencies within companies, to increase cost effectiveness, improve business efficiencies and therefore improve the bottom line.

I really enjoyed the work I was doing but wanted to get away from the routines of corporate life. I am passionate about helping others on the path to holistic prosperity so I decided to start Wealth Directions Financial Group!  Together, my Associates and staff are here to support you in “your direction to wealth”

Wealth brings peace of mind, less stress and excitement about the future. I want people to have more than just the ‘routine of life’, being able to pursue their dreams, whatever they are. Therefore, I created a system comprising of 3 sub-systems designed to take you and your family in “your direction to wealth”, all in one place by a single comprehensive professional team ensuring that all pieces of your financial plan are correlated and optimized for your well- being. 

Stress stops here, peace of mind starts here and your future starts NOW!

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Garfield A. Fray,
Managing Partner



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